How Far


Tom: E
Intro:  E   A   E  A 
E                      A 
Most of my life I have spent alone 
E                             A 
Most of this past year I been searchin' for my home  
E                      A   
I met a girl she won't leave my mind alone  
E                               A 
If she's listening I hope she understands my song. It goes 
E          A                    E     A    
If you get lonely all you gotta do is call me  
         E           A            E       A 
And I'll come on the run wherever you are 
          E       A 
No matter how far 
Bless my soul I think I'm fallin' again 
I hear my woman she is callin' me again 
If she needs me I got to go she's my best friend 
'cause I promised her I remember what I said I said 
Most of this life is such a hard road to go down go down 
Count your blessings on the good friends you got hangin' 'round 
It takes two to be friends it takes two to be lovers 
Know you got it made when you got one the same as the other Then you say 
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 

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