Hide It So Deep


Tom: A
Intro:  E   E7  A 
A                           E 
If I fell in love with you again 
          E7                           A 
Would you simply want it said you once knew me 
Could you care enough to follow and see 
          E7                                      A  
Just what is it lies between us why we hide it so deep 
I was told by a friend that you miss me 
And you try very hard to forget me 
And you live your busy life there's no room for me 
'cause the thing you're sure I'd take is your will to be free 
Instrumental (Fiddle + Pedal Steel Guitar) 
Can you wrestle with the chains of your burden  
And you're sure when it's gone you can be certain  
You can live as you please give what you sell  
And you carry that weight so nobody can tell  
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 

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