Don't Look at My Shadow


Tom: G
G                       A7   
New York City years ago tourists in the rain 
C              D               G 
Singin' on the swing shift for pennies 
Thinkin' 'bout the bayou cajun river song 
C             D             G 
Almost got my head broke in Texas 
Purple Peacock Honky-Tonk in Eunice Louisiana 
Bourbon whiskey free son just tune up the piano 
Workin' clubs in New Orleans bringin' down a dollar 
College boys drink beer and throw the bottles 
            E7                      A  
It's been a long long long way I've got some more to go 
C                D            G 
Don't look at my shadow its behind me 
            E7                     A 
It's been a long long long way in twenty years or so 
C                    D            G 
Thinkin' 'bout those times might amuse me 
Instrumental + Chorus 
L.A. Forum Sports Arena twenty thousand fans 
Glad ya come to listen I'm gonna give you everything I can 
I always had to play my music play it best I could 
Hope you understand hear me good 
You know the California dreamin' nearly put me down for good 
Colorado Rocky Mountains saved my senses 
Chorus and fade 
by: José Duarte 
[email protected] 

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