Tom: C
Intro: C  E7  F  C    E7  F  G  C 

verse 1 
             E7                 F          C 
No, it's not her that's calling, it's just me 
               E7            F       C 
So settle your jumpy, broken heart 
                 E7               F          C 
Just thought I'd check in on you, wanted to see 
                  E7          F       C 
Are you replaying every sorry part? 

verse 2 
G                                C                 F    G 
One day without notice, you will see the light of day 
                  C     F 
This I can nearly guarantee 
   G            C                            F  
Forgetting to remember that she's even gone away 
                 G        C 
In the meantime, look busy 

C  E7  F  C    E7  F  G  C 

verse 3 
            E7                 F              C 
Think for a moment back to the autumn that we met 
       E7          F     C 
Upon a Continental Rail 
           E7                        F         C 
All of the heartache you feel hadn't happened yet 
                E7               F      C 
And yours was a brightly blowing sail 

verse 4 
  G                               C               F     G 
Remember how we laughed about the diamonds of the mist 
               C               F    G 
Wonders of the world for us to see 
                                C                F    
You'll smile again when you are back and at your best 
                 G        C 
In the meantime, look busy 

C  E7  F  C    E7  F  G  C 

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