Tom: C
Intro: (Fm) C Em C7 F Fm 
  C                  Em 
Dreamin' I'm only dreamin' 
                C7                    F     Fm 
And when I'm dreamin' It's always of you,  Oohh 
 C                           Em 
Soft lights with music that delights 
                 C7                     F      Fm C  Fm  C 
No more saying no nights, cause I'm with you, Oohh,  Oohh 
Em I wanna live Am But I don't know what to say Dm I'd like to give you all my love G G5+/7 But I'd just dream it away
C Em Lonely, when I get lonely C7 F Fm I'm dreamin' only, only of you SOLO: C Em C7 F Fm C (Refrão) Dreamin' (I wanna live with you) I'll carry on dreamin' (wanna make love to you) And I'll do my schemin' (gotta make love to you now) Till it comes true Soft lights (I wanna live) With music that delights (gotta make love) No more saying no nights (gotta make love to you now) Cause I'm with you

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