Leave Out All The Rest

Linkin Park

Tom: Am
   Riff 1 
Am I dreamed I was missing C You were so scared. F But no one would listen Dm Cuz' no one else cared. Am After my dreaming C I woke with this fear. F What am I leaveing, Dm When I am done here? F Dm So if you're asking me I want you to know... Am When my time comes C Forget the wrong that i've done F Dm Help me leave behind some reason to be missed. Am And don't resent me C And when you're feeling empty F Keep me in your memory Dm Am Leave out all the rest,Leave out all the rest. C Don’t be afraid F Of taking my beating Dm I’ve shared that I’m me Am I’m strong on the surface C Not all the way through F I’ve never been perfect Dm But neither have you F So if you’re asking me Dm I want you to know Refrao: 1x. F Dm Forgetting all the hurt inside Am You’ve learned to act so well Pretending C Someone else can come

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