Love Goes On And On

Lindsey Stirling

Tom: G
Am                      C 
There's an old familiar silence 
G                       D 
When I'm lost inside my heart 
Am                     C 
I can't hear the voice inside me 
G                   D 
So I look up to the stars 

( Am  C  G  D ) 

Am                     C 
There is darkness ever waiting 
      G              D 
I can feel it in the air 
Am                C 
So I call upon my angels 
G             D 
Are you still there? 

Am       C              G         D 
When the wind bends the branch to softly touch me 
Am       C    G     D 
When the band plays your song 
Am            C         G    D 
I feel strong enough to keep dreaming 
Am            C 
Even when I'm all alone 
    G                 D 
Our love goes on and on 

( Am  C  G  D ) 

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