Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now

Leon Redbone

Tom: D
D      A7      D       B7 
In the town of Louie-ville 
E7     Bm7/5-            G   G/F# E7 
Lived a man they called Big Bad Bill; 
A7        Em7      G    A7  A7/5+  	D 
I want to tell you,  he sure was tough -- 
   Cdim           Em7         A7 
He certainly did strut that stuff. 
D      A7      D        B7 
He had folks scared to death; 
E7           Bm7/5-      G   G/F#    E7 
When he walked by they held their breath. 
E7       Bm7/5-    E7  Em7/9 Fdim   A7 
He was a fightin' man, sure  e - nough. 
G             B7        E7 
Now Bill took himself a wife, 
G/B      A7    G/B  Cdim  A7 
Just to lead a dif'frent life. 
D   Em7  D   A7   G   Em7  A7  D    G  D  A7 
Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now; 
D   Em7  D   A7   D     Cdim      A7 
Married life has changed him somehow. 
G        G/F#          Em7         Gdim 
He's the man that they all used to fear 
         D              F#7         B7         
Now the people call him sweet Papa Willy Dear 
E7            Bm7/5-   B7    E7 
Stronger than Samson, I declare, 
      A7           G/B     A7          Em7   A7 
Til a soft-skinned Delilah bobbed his hair. 
D   Em7  D   A7      D   Em7  A7  D     G  D  A7 
Big Bad Bill don't fight an - y - more; 
D     Em7   D    A7  D          F#7     B7 
Wash - es dish - es and he mops up the floor. 
G                 Em7       C#7 
Used to spend his ev'nings lookin' for a fight; 
D               F#7           B7 
Now he's got to see his momma ev'ry night. 
G        Em7    A7    Em7  A7  D 
Big Bad Bill is Sweet William now. 

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