The Grand Seven

Lake Fork Verne

Tom: G
G                               D 
I am the Grandpa with the Grand Seven 
D                            A 
I get to see them most every day 
G                    D 
Our two sons and our daughter 
A                     D 
Made it happen this a way 

G                                 D 
Grandma and me, we can't get over it 
D                                A 
They are so bright, handsome and cheery 
G                                    D 
Always amaze us with their charm and wit 
A                                                      D 
The boys are handsome, and the girls, well the're just it 

D                                                           A 
They have baseball, baketball, volleyball, soccer and Irish dancing 
A                                 D 
A real joy to watch and hear them shout 
D                    D 
We are almost always included 
A                     A           D 
To this point, we are almost wore out 

D                          A 
They make us proud pair of seniors 
A                                     D 
And if they aren't around we are very sad 
D                                    E7 
Our children gave us a bunch of real winners 
A7                               D 
Best Grand Seven anyone has ever had. 

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