For the lord our God

Kingdom Faith

Tom: Bb
Bb/D    Eb                       Fsus          F 
For the lord our god is greatly to be praised 
Bb/D    Eb                  Fsus  F 
And his mercies are everlasting 
Bb/D    Eb                                  F            Gmin 
With a thankful heart I give glory to his name 
Cmin                                          Eb                Fsus 
Everything that is within me, bless the lord my soul 
Bb                   F 
You are my, my saviour 
Gmin                Eb                 Bb/D 
My hope and life it comes from you 
            Eb                        Fsus  F 
You bring me fullness of joy 
Bb/D            F           Gmin      Eb 
Your power has broken the enemy  
I am set free 
       Eb                Fsus  F 
I will rejoice in you lord 
Bb/D    Eb           Fsus        F 
I exalt you lord, my god my victory 
Bb/D    Eb       Fsus    F 
Jesus you are King forever 
Bb/D    Eb                                        F        Gmin 
I come before the throne to the one of purity 
Cmin                                                               Eb          Fsus 
Streams of love and grace and mercy washing over me 

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