Everybody Wants To Feel Like You

John Prine

Tom: G

G D C 
G D C 
G D C 

GI wake Dup to clCock that's ringing 
GBirds are sinDging on my telCephone line 
GI work all dDay and I chCase my woman 
GWhy don't she chDase Cme sometime? 

GEverybDody waCnts to be wanted 
GI mean I aDin't no scCarecrow cop 
GI don't nDeed no traCnsalazation 
GI don't neDed no DidCdiley Bop 


GNext tiDme tCell me that you want me 
GPut your litDtle foot inCside of my shoe 
GNext tiDme teCll me that you need me 
EvGerybDody wants to feCel like you 
EvGerybDody wants to feCel like you 
EGverybDody wants to fCeel.. liDke.. yGou 
G D C 
G D C 
G D C 

GI used to loDve you so hCard in the morning 
GI'd make you stuDtter and rColl your eyes 
GI put you mDind on a brCief vacation 
GTo the laDnd of the lCost surprise 


GYou got a hDeart that bCeats like mine, love 
GYou got a bDell that riCngs so true 
GI get this feDeling that I gCot to tiptoe 
GRound every liDttle thing yCou do 



G D C Like...you 
G D C Like...you 
G D C G 

08 February 2011 
08 January 2014 

Studio Soledad 
[email protected] 

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