A Heart Like Yours

John Barnett

Tom: D
D             G     D 
Create in me a humble heart 
 G     D         C         A 
An innocent and childlike heart 
   D            G      D 
Create in me a tender heart 
 G            A        D 
That I might know You more 
C         G               D           A 
I want to know You in all of Your ways 
C            G         D                   A 
Revealed in mercy and clothed in Your grace 
C           G         D          A 
Give me new heart, devoted to You 
That knows how to love, and morns for the lost 
G                                                      D A G 
And will not turn back from all You have told me to do   
            D              A G 
Give me a heart like Yours 
          D              A G 
I need a heart like Yours 
A heart like Yours 
Artist: Unknown 
Copyright Credits: Written By: John Barnett Copyright: © 1998 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing   

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