Slow Down Time

Jeremy Camp

Tom: G
Capo na 2a casa 
(sem capo: música em A) 

Intro: G  D9  Em  C 

G  D9  Em Em7  C 
Staring at this empty canvas 
Waiting for the next stroke of my life 
It seems to go by so fast 
Another day I've wasted wondering 
How it all ends up instead of resting 
That it's all in Your hands 

Em D9 C 
My only peace is waiting for You 
The grace of You drowning the noise around me 

G D9 Em Em7  C 
I wish I could slow down time 
I wish I could wait here at Your feet 
Cause with You is the only place that I wanna' be 
I know I should take it all in stride 
I know You are there with every reach 
Cause with You is the only place that I wanna' be  

G D9 Em Em7  C 
On my own I always fade out fast, 
On the run my every step will last. 
I'm resting in your words that never fail. 
Your searching every part of me. 
I need to stop so I could hear You speak. 
I long for you so here I am so thirsty. 
My only piece is waiting before You. 
My praise to You, 
Drowning the noise around me. 

It's where I wanna be, 
            Em                     D4              D  D9    Em7                      C                  
The greatness of your presence always leaving me here speechless. 
       G                   D4              D           C 
I've given up on making this life my home. 
            Em                    D4           Em7                      C     
In the fullness of your glory is beyond my comprehension. 
                       G                      D4                D        C 
There's no greater joy then being with you my King. 

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