Tom: Em
Here are the basic notes. 

INTRO: Em, F#m, Am 

Yes I do  
Baby, maybe, we can 
spend a little time  
Together now that we're alone 
So long I have been waiting  
Now can't you let me 
take you home 

G#m7                    C#m7  
All these things we do 
Will make our dreams come true  
You want me, and 
I surely want you 
G#m7                 C#m7  
Tell me where to go  
Tell me what I need to know 
To take you on a little ride 


Hold me, control me 
Let me circumnavigate 
your body, mind and soul 
Like a seed from a flower 
I can grow and you must know 
Sadness, don't mean a thing 
Cos, you and me girl, 
you now we're in the swing 
All the things that i want to get with 
You on a midsummer night 
In the evening light 
(The) sweet evening light 

All these things we do 
Will make our dreams come true  
I want you - you want me 
I surely need you baby  
And so far what we've done 
Has made our lives become 
Something more than 
Evening light to make it right 

All, all i want from you baby, 
is sweet loving now  
No, I know, yes, I know 
I know what i want from you girl, 
we can make it right 
We can hold on to each other tight 
Lose our inhibitions 
Yeh yeh yeh yeh 

Every little thing we do is good 
Every little thing you see is sweet 
Every little oart of you I'd like to meet 
I want you girl, you know I want you  
I want you in the evening light 

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