(don't) Give Hate A Chance


Tom: F#
Intro: F# / D 


F#m                 Bm7 
Why can't we be (together)? 
Could you love me, don't hate me 
  F#m                             Bm7 
I don't see (why can't we live together) 
Maybe we could get it on (maybe we could get it on) 
Should be our destiny 
F#m                             Bm7 
There's a cold streak living (inside us) 
There's no rainbows... just bullets and bombs 
If you want to rise up 
We can make this hate stop 
Now don't you want to rise up 

F#m D We've been giving hate a chance C#m7 B (We've got all this love to give, you know) Amaj7 Dmaj7 And the love will be running out for us F# D Can you feel the dreams of life C#m7 B We're hoping we can still survive Amaj7 Dmaj7 As the wind carries every dove away
(Before bridge) Amaj7 The wind carries every dove away Dmaj7 The wind carries every dove away (every dove away) (Bridge) D C#m B Now you've been taking D C#m B Our dignity for too long D C#m B I want to save this D C#m B Sanctity that we hold D C#m B And who's right and who's wrong D C#m B We're not so different anyway D C#m Words are in this song D C#m B Can't we stop the fighting?

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