Let's Go Sunning

Jack Shaindlin

Tom: Eb

Eb       Eb/Bb   Eb       Eb/Bb   
Let's go sunning, it's so good for you 
F7/C     F7       F7/C       F7        
Let's go sunning, 'neath the sky of blue 
Bb7       Bb7 Eb    Eb/C 
Greet the sun every morn 
F7               F7           Bb7          Bb7   
Feel as free and happy as the day you were born 

Eb       Eb/Bb  Eb        Eb/Bb   
Let's go native, sun your cares away 
F7/C  F7     F7/C     F7   
Be creative, learn to live and play 
Ab             Dbm7    Db 
Pretty flowers need the sun 
Gm              C7 
This applies to everyone 

Life's worth living 
Ddim (x5676x) 
When nature's giving 
F7sus2          AbM7 
Happiness to    everyone 
   F7sus2   Eb      Fm7 / Bb7 / 
So let's go sunning 

Eb  F7  Bb7  Eb Eb/C  F7 / Bb7 /  

Repeat from 'Let's go native...' 

Second time ending: 
   F7sus2   Eb      Fm7  Bb7  EbM7 
So let's go sunning  

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