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Hot Water Music

Tom: D
Intro: D5     Bm7      D5/A 

'You'll get it right sometime. You will.' 
          Bm7                D5/A 
I tell myself that everyday. 
                    D5         Bm7 
'You don't need to latch on to anything. 
You'll just end up back here 
In your little limbo scene.' 
          Bm7           D5/A 
It's repetitious and exhausting. 
I might need some therapy; 
    Bm7             D5/A                  A                 G 
Anything to keep me in check through the day. (hey-yeah hey-ye-ah) 

Don't think about your lover. 
          Bm7          D5/A 
You're already steady shaking.' 
I might need a sedative, 
      Bm7               D5/A 
But I hate the taste of medicine. 
'You just need to let her go.' 
       Bm7                D5/A 
These pills shaking in my hand 
Just make me feel defeated, 
     Bm7          D5/A            A              G 
Like I'm not able to just let her go a-way. (hey-ye-ah) 

D G I hate this place but I love these chords. Bm G 'An empty fate just means an even score.' D G And the pain this morning... It filled my head. A G It's Jameson. It means that I'm not dead.
intro D5 And I just can't seem to get away Bm7 D5/A There's no such thing as escape, D5 Even with the sedatives Bm7 D5/A You're always in the same state, D5 Clutching to a limbo scene. Bm7 D5/A You're never changing anything, D5 You just stop the shaking. Bm7 D5/A A G And it's constantly repeated through the days. (hey-yeah hey-ye-ah) A G through the days. (hey-yeah hey-ye-ah) chorus (2x) then A end on G

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