A Vessel Unto Honor

Greg Fadness

Tom: D
D  A/D     Em7             G 
Oh Lord, I come before You now 
D      A/D           Em7    G 
With a simple little offering 
D     A/D           Em7           G 
And I know You will never cast me out 
D    A/D         Em7   G A 
Your love is everlasting 
G   D/F#   Em7 D/F# G D/F#      Asus A 
All that I am,     I give to You 
Em7 D/F# G Asus A So take my life Lord and make it shine Em7 D/F# C2 Asus A Fill me with Your power Em7 D/F# G Asus A Cleanse my heart Lord and make it thine C2 G/B Asus A Lord would cause me to be D2/G A vessel unto honor
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