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A F#m There's fog up on the mountain G D A Frost is clingin' to the ground A F#m Days keep gettin' shorter G D A You know, the winter's comin' 'round F#m E This sure ain't the promised land D E And I ain't hangin' 'round A F#m I'm packin' up my traveling bag, G D A And checkin' out of town Put me on that Delta Line, Little Egypt to the sea And find me some southern girl To keep me company Churnin' down the river Magnolia on the breeze And I'll embrace my bayou belle, Gentle as you please A A# B Been gone too long my honey E D F#m E D Now I'm goin' home where I should be F#m D E D A C F# Bsus4 E Whistle blow for Vicksburg Not too far to go I'm takin' off these northern boots And settin' free my toes Gator's on the muddy shore Smile as if to say Welcome back to Louisiana, boy Hope your home to stay Been gone too long my honey Now I'm goin' home where I should be G D A (Shooop, shoooop, yeah) Hey mama, dust my room now, (Shooop, shoooop, yeah) Plump up the comforter on my bed (Shooop, shoooop, yeah) Well I say now, slay, the fattest food now (Shooop, shoooop, yeah) And tell me everything the neighbor said (Shooop, shoooop, yeah) I'm going to swallow my pride (Shooop, shoooop, yeah) And pack it up and pack it in (Shooop, shoooop, yeah) Well, I'm goin' back to that southern pride (Shooop, shoooop, yeah) And down the bourbon, and give up Gin.

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