Silverado Bench Seat

Granger Smith

Tom: G
Capotraste na 1ª casa
Capo on 1) 

Intro.:  |(G)(D)|(A)(Bm)|(G)(D)|(A) | x 2 

G          D                 A              Bm 
Girl, you shine like a brand new dime 
         G          D                A 
Like a song in rhyme I can sing to 
G            D               A       Bm 
I bet them boy's all stand in line 
            G                 D                   A 
So they can take you out and try to win you 

G                   D              A        Bm 
My boots and jeans don't go so well 
         G                 D             A 
With a white table cloth in a ritzy hotel 
G         D                  A          Bm 
No, I'm used to much simpler things 
   G                  D                       A 
So baby, climb on in this truck, I'll show you what I mean 

G D A Bm I wanna love you on a Silverado bench seat G D A Fogging up the windows while we're far down by the creek G D A Bm No other light beside the stars and the moon G D A That's what you get when this country boy loves you
A girl like you is just so pretty You've been winding down all over this town I wanna take you far from the city Back on up a back road and watch the sun go down. Repeat Chorus Em F And we'll see around midnight if the sky is right G A How the water starts dancing in the moonlight Em F If you want a country boy loving you G A And girl, I know you do Repeat Chorus

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