Stop The Dams


Tom: C
(C Em Am F) 
(C E F Em) 

            C       Em             Am      F 
When you're smoking tinfoil in the morning 
C    E          F    Em 
It's gonna be a cold day 
            C       Em         Am         F 
When you're keeping everything inside you 
C     E              F    Em 
  It can only hurt you 

F         C     (Em Am F) 
Unrelated sounds 
    C              Em   (Am  F) 
The sun will shine again 
F                   C 
You hold it in your hands 
C                  Em           Am                   F 
This young land is a young land let it stay that way 
C   E              F     Em       C         Em                Am 
Its pollution only turns you into something you don't want to see in the 
C      E             F         Em    C 
  A reflection of them that you receive 
F                 C 
You don't own the sun 
    C                   Em 
And the sun won't shine again 
F               C 
So maybe you're all in love 
C         Em 
With Aluminium 

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