Empirer Ants


Tom: G
G6                           A6 
Oh joys arise the sun has come again to hold you 
G6                              D 
Sailing out the doldrums of the week 
    G6                              A6 
The polyphonic prayer is here it's all around you 
G6                       D 
It's all around you out here 
G6                                 A6 
And if the whole world is crashing down on you 
G6                                  A6 
Fall through space out of mind completely 
          G6                           A6 
Where the emptiness we leave behind on warm air rising 
G6                         A6 
Those are the shadows far away 
    G6                                A6 
The falling of the whole empire it's here to hold you 
G6                              A6 
Rolling out and haunted till it sinks 

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