I'll Have To Dance With Cassie

God Help The Girl

Tom: A
A                         D 
Just another Saturday the boys are dressed up fine 
Bm                   E                  A                        A7 
Think l´ll wait till half past eight to dress myself divine 
D           D 
Ten thirty, Im in rags 
  A                          E   
A slutty look accompanies my questionable gaze 
            D                    E 
Through the strobe light and the haze 

A                Amaj7          D 
Take an interest in me why must I beg for a drink? 
B-              E                   
Too verbose you come too close, Sir 
A                    A7 
Please step back and think 
F#m                F                  A 
That?s the trouble flesh attracts the leery look 
Rarely does the dream boy come along 
          C#7                            F#m 
He don exist. A lover with the candour of a friend 
D                            A                      
I run away they playing a decent song at last 
             G                  F#m 
I think I have to dance with Cassie 
Cause the dream boy never asked 
D    Db   C     B7                         
Shuffle to the left 
I kick the boy behind to make a little room 
Em   Eb   D    Db7 
Boogie to the right  
                            F#m       F 
Cassie dances madly like a boxing kangaroo 
Her little Joey buys the drinks 
        D                 E 
He in love more than he thinks 

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