Good Day To Ride

George Canyon

Tom: B
Capotraste na 4ª casa
Verse 1: 
       G                  D 
Every morning when I wake up 
I pour coffee in my cup 
And I look out on the fields 
        D                C 
Of the land that I call home 
    G                        D 
And if there's no chance of rain 
And I need to get away 
             G             D          G 
I'll grab a saddle and be long, long gone 

D G Looks like a good day to ride C G Underneath this big warm sun D Looks like a good day G D To let this old boy fly D/F# G D Loose on the reins and on the run G C To a blue and endless sky C G Looks like a good day to ride
Verse 2: There's a world that's in a race For some money and some fame But out here there's nothin' All I need is what I have So when I wanna free my mind From the concrete in the sides I head for the mountains back to who I am CHORUS (x2)

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