Author Of Salvation

Geoff Bullock

Tom: A
Am F/A D/A Dsus/A Am F/A D/A G2/A 
         A           F/A 
He's the Author of Salvation 
D/A            G/A 
Son of Righteousness 
           F/A       D/A              G2/A 
Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. 
         G                        F 
He's the living revelation of the power 
        G                  A  F/A D/A  G2/A 
and the glory of the Lord. 
F2 G2 We cry Glory and honour F2/A G2/B wisdom and strength F2/C G2/D majesty honour F be to the Lamb who is G A F/A D/A risen to the right hand of God G2/A A F/A D/A Risen to the right hand of God G2/A Am Risen to the right hand of God
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