Gary Wright

Tom: C#m
	standard tuning (E B G D A E) - if you are playing along with 
	the recorded version, its slightly sharper than A440 so 
	you'll have to tune accordingly. If not, no one will notice. 
	  A     x02220    C#m  x46654	 
	  Asus2 x02200    E    022100	 
	  Asus4 x02230    E7/A x00100  
	  B     x24442                 
	***********  how it all goes together ************ 
        C#m        B          A         A  B 
	  i've just closed my eyes again 
	C#m                  B            A 
	  climbed aboard the dream weaver train 
	E        B            Asus4   A  Asus2  A 
	  driver take away my worries of today 
	E     B              A  Asus2  A 
	  and leave tomorrow behind 
E E7/A A ooh dream weaver E E7/A A E E7/A A E E7/A A i believe you can get me through the night E E7/A A ooh dream weaver E E7/A A E E7/A A B i believe we can reach the morning light
C#m B A fly me high through the starry skies C#m B A maybe to an astral plane E B A cross the highways of fantasy E B A Asus2 A help me to forget todays pain (Chorus again) C#m B A though the dawn may be coming soon C#m B A there still may be some time E B A fly me away to the bright side of the moon E B A and meet me on the other side (Chorus again, then fade out with the following repeated several times...) E E7/A A E E7/A A dream weaver

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