The Dance

Garth Brooks

Tom: G
Guitar intro 
  G         C/G       G         C/G     G      D/G C/G      G 
Verse: G C/G G C/G C Looking back on the memory of D G D The dance we shared 'neath the stars above G C/G G C/G C For a moment all the world was right D Em D How could I have known that you'd ever say goodbye Chorus: C D And now I'm glad I didn't know Bm7 The way it all would end C D The way it all would go C D % Our lives are better left to chance Bm7 I could have missed the pain C D G(1st repeat intro lick 2nd repeat from %) But I'd have had to miss the dance Verse: Holding you I held everything For a moment wasn't I a king If I'd only known how the king would fall Then, who's to say you know I might have changed it all Chosus : 2th times from %
Keyboard ending 1 
Em/C/Dsus D/Em7(add 4th)/    repeat and fade  (slash separates measures) 

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