Young For You


Tom: D
    D                        A                    Bm                              F#m 
1. Sunday’s coming, I wanna drive my car to your apartment with a present like a star 
            G                       D                         Em                  A 
Forecaster says the weather may be raining hard but knows the sun will shine for us 
     D                  A                       Bm                       F#m 
Oh lazy seagull flying from the park, adjust my jeans and feed my monkey banana -  
                G                D               Em                     A 
-  Then I think my age how old, skyline how far, we need each other in California 

     D                  A  
You show me your body before night comes down 
Bm                                F#m 
I touch your face and promise to stay ever young 
         G              F#m        Bm                 Em               A 
On this ivory beach we kissed so long, it seems that passion’s never gone 
     D                      A 
You sing me your melody and I feel so pleased 
    Bm                   F#m 
I want you to want me â... to keep your dream 
      G                    F#m                 Em             A               D  A  Bm  F#m 
Together we’ll run wild, a summer symphony -  this is what we enjoy, no fantasy 

      D                         A                     Bm                      F#m 
2. Teen man’s surfing, I wanna tie my line to the top and turn deeply just to have some fun 
            G                         D                             Em                   A 
I know you have no place for my round moonish heart, we’ll come to stay cold in beatnik bar 
     D                        A                          Bm                          F#m 
Oh diamond seashore, drag me from the yacht, incredible sunward I watch as though in photograph 
                  G               D                    Em                          A 
For camera your smile’s so sweet, palm trees so long, would you be my honey, it’s California  

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