Old Man In Me

Frank Foster

Tom: D
Capotraste na 4ª casa



D                                              G 
These ol work boots have become my sunday shoes 
D                                       G 
and these ol callous hands accustomed to 
D                                               G 
i cant hardly fight the way im turning out to be 
D              A            G 
im seeing my old man in me 

D                                         G 
this ol curr dog has become my bestfriend 
D                                   G 
yesterday we hit the woods and tomorrow we'll do it again 
D                                          G 
there something bout an ol creek bottom that make me feel free 
D              A          G 
im seeing my old man in me 

D C G and i cant hide what i really am D C G even though it took a while for me to come around D C G cuz i was restless and i was running D C G trying to be all i could never be D C G but now that im older and im living slower NO CHORD im seeing my old man in me
i cant go nowhere without bringing my pocket knife i prolly wont use it im just use to it in my front pocket left side i spend my spare time weighting a line or either purched up in a tree im seeing my old man in me Chorus D G i start every morning with my coffee black D G sit and watch the sun go down with an ice cold 12 pack D G i turn on the radio and let sr sing to me im seeing my old man and me

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