Tom: G
Capotraste na 1ª casa

INTRO: G D Cadd9 

Well im country as a cricket 
on the creek bank in the shade 
son im down home like a gospel song on a hymn book page 
im a good time with a guitar 
and a good shot with a gun 
and im an old schooler got some cans in a cooler 

on backroads beer run 

D Cadd9 G And ive got dixieland beneath my feet D Cadd9 G and i was raised up down where roots run deep D Cadd9 G and i was born a good ol boy by the grace of the good Lords hands now can i get a amen
Verse 2: G D Got a Bible on the dresser, a 45 in the drawer Cadd9 and if your tred on me hoss you best believe youll know what i got em for G it aint no mystery i like some pleasenty D and thats how i spend my days Cadd9 and my family traditions are hunting and fishing and leaning towards the old ways Chorus Bridge: D Cadd9 G IM just laid up here in a country state of mind D Cadd9 G canceling out some daylight flights in my duckblind D Cadd9 G i got a pickup truck a few white tail bucks and longbeards on the wall D Cadd9 G i thank the good Lord twice every morning i rise D Cadd9 G for this life hey how bout yall Chorus

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