Take It Away (yucky For Sure)

Fraggle Rock

Tom: G
(verse 1): 

Oh how I wish, 
I could just swish up, 
That one special dish, 
That they thought was delish. 
       G                                       C      
But when I make something terrif, 
        D                                  G 
They pass out with only one whiff. 

G Em D And they say, 'Take it away, throw the stuff out. Em D Where there's a will, there is always some doubt. G C It may not be finished, but why mess about? D G It's probably yucky for sure.
(verse 2--copy chords for verse 1) This soup's over done. That puree's too lumpy. My ring mold's too jumpy. My cakes way a ton. The turnip pie's burnt or it's raw. The soufflé just walked through the door. (Chorus)

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