Lost And Found

Fraggle Rock

Tom: C
C F You don't know how it tastes until you try (it); G C You don't know how to laugh until you cry; Am F You don't know where you've been until you're homeward bound G C And you don't know what you've lost until it's found.
(Yodeling) G C Yo-de-lee-oh-delee-yo-de-lee-oh-delee-yo-de-lee-oh-delee-yo-deleedle-oh-deleedle-OOH! (verse 1): C F Once I thought the world was made for me; G C Once I thought experience was free. C F Never knew you'd have to pay the price; G C Then I found you sometimes pay it twice! (Chorus) (Yodeling) (verse 2--repeat chords for verse 1): Now I've done some livin' and I know That everything you love is bound to go. Well, then one day my luck just turned around, And now the thing I love is lost and found! (Chorus x2) (Yodeling x2)

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