Don´t stop

Fleetwood Mac

Tom: E
Intro:  E   A/E   E   A/E   E   A/E   E   A/E 
E  If you (D)wake up and (A)don't want to smile(A) 
E  If it (D)takes just a (A)little while(A) 
E  Open your (D)eyes and (A)look at the day(A) 
B  You'll see (B)things in a (B)different w(B)ay 
  (E)Don't D/E)stop (A)thinking about to(A)morrow 
  (E)Don't D/E)stop; (A)it'll soon be (A)here 
E It'll b(D/E)e    (A)better than befo(A)re 
  (B)Yesterday's go(B)ne, ye(B)sterday's g(B)one 
Why not think about times to come 
And not about the things that you've done 
If your life was bad to you 
Just think what tomorrow will do 
All I want is to see you smile 
If it takes just a little while 
I know you don't believe that it's true 
I never meant any harm to you 
(E)Ooo(D/E)ooooo(A)oh, (A)don't you look (E)back(D/E)....(A)  A 

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