on my cross


Tom: G
Intro: G 
(Verse 1) 
G                 Em7                   C2   
How wide is Your love, that You would stretch  
               Am7           G 
Your arms and go around the World 
      Em7   C2          Am7             Em7 
And why for me would a savior’s cry be heard 
         C2     D                C2              Em7 
I don’t know, why You went where I was meant to go 
         C2     D              C2 
I don’t know, why You Love me so 

G Em7 Those were my nails, that was my crown C2 D That pierced your hands, and Your brow G Em7 Those were my thorns, those were my scorns C2 D Those were my tears that fell down Em7 G/B C2 G D And just as You said it would be You did it all for me Em7 G/B C2 And after You counted the cost, G D G(Em7) You took my shame, my blame, On my cross
(Verse 2) G Em7 C2 How deep is Your grace, that You could see my need Am7 G And choose to take my Place Em7 C2 Am7 Em7 And then for me, these words I’d hear You say C2 D C2 Em7 Father no, forgive them for they know not what they do C2 D C2 I will go, because I love them so

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