Etta James

Tom: G
Introdução: G7M Em7 Am7 D7/9 G7M Em7 Am7 D7/9 

D7 G  G/B Em Am7           D9  Am7   G   Bm7    
Again,       this couldn't happen again 
Am7           D9  Am7    G6        Edim 
This is that once  in a lifetime 
Am7         D7/9   Cm5-/7   G  G/B Em Am7 D7 
This is the thrill     divine 
D7/13-    G  G/B Em Am7         D9    Am7  G Bm7 
What's more,      this never happened before 
Am7            D9    Am7    G6        Edim 
Though I have prayed for a lifetime 
     Am7     C#m5-/7     G   B7       Am7   Cdim 
That such as   you  would suddenly be mine 
C7M     C7/9+        Cm5-/7    D7      G  B7      Dm7     G7    
Mine to hold as I'm holding you now, and yet never so near; 
C7M    C7/9+         Cm5-/7    D7        Am7  Am7/9   
Mine to have when the now and the here disappear. 
D9       Am7    D7/13- 
What matters, dear, for 
G  G/B Em Am7         D9    Am7   G Bm7 
When     this doesn't happen again, 
Am7        D9   Am7      G6     Edim 
We'll have this moment forever, 
Am7 D9    Cdim  D7    G 
But never, never again. 

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