Emmy The Great

Tom: C
Capo on 2 

Intro: C   G  C 

C        G      F   
One Goodbye For Everyone 
F           G              Am              F 
Old pair of shoes the last place they were left 
F          G               Am             F 
Out by the door where they always were kept 
C     G     Am     G 
Brown laces 

(Chord Pattern Repeated) 
We stand in line to hear the news 
We've not been together since Christmas last year 
Room full of children all sad in the ear 
F     G    Am      F     C 
Small faces 
    F      G  Am F     C  G     C 
And church music playing, playing 

(Chord Pattern Repeated) 

Our parents sleep and sleep 
They don't remember the ones they have left 
We find the magazines under your bed 
Strange pictures 
I play out in the street 
And trip on the sidewalk all covered in blood 
Tears not allowed, and I pick myself up 
No stitches 
F G   Am F    C G     C 
Absentee giving liaison 
F    G   Am      F     C G     C    F 
Your memory like disease holds on 
The fellow has grown out again 
F                           C      
And all, all the fields are yellow 
    F   G Am  G      C  F     C 
You are CD's, car keys, diaries 
F  G   Am G    C     F      C 
My family kept these secretly 
F    G   Am      F     C G     C 
Your memory like disease holds on 
F G   Am G    C F    Am  G     C  F   Am F         
Absentee giving liaison, liaison, giving liaison 

End: C  

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