Rocket Man

Elton John

Tom: Em7
Capotraste na 2ª casa

Gm7		                                 C7         
She packed my bags last night, pre-flight    

Gm7                       C7  
Zero hour, nine a.m.  

Eb                             Bb       Eb                          F         
And I'm gonna be hi -i -igh,  as a kite by then  

Gm7                                         C7  
I miss the earth so much, I miss my wife,  

Gm7                     C7  
It's lonely out in space  

Eb               Bb    Eb                      F  
On such a ti-i-imeless flight  


Bb Eb And I think it's gonna be a long, long time Bb 'Till touchdown brings me 'round again to find Eb I'm not the man they think I am at home Bb C Oh no, no, no, I'm a Rocket Man. . . . Eb Bb Rocket Man, burning out a fuse up here alone
REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE Gm7 C7 Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids Gm7 C7 In fact its cold as hell Eb Bb Eb F And there's no-one there to raise them, if you did Gm7 C7 And all this science, I don't understand Gm7 C7 It's just my job 5 days a week Eb Bb Eb F A Rocket, ma -an, Rocket man CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS TAG Bb Eb And I thing it's gonna be a long, long time... REPEAT TAG FADE

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