Miss Misery

Elliott Smith

Tom: Dm
Dm   C       Bb          F  
I'll fake it through the day  
        Gm7add9                   Gm  
With some help from johnny walker red  
         F      Am   C        Bb  
Send the poison rain down the drain  
   F                      A  
To put bad thoughts in my head  
Dm  C       Bb      F  
Two tickets torn in half  
       Gm7add9          Gm  
And a lot of nothing to do  
      F     C   Bb   F   G     
Do you miss me, miss misery  
         Bb      F  
Like you say you do?  

G#           Cm  
A man in the park  
         F           C#maj7  
Read the lines in my hand  
Told me i'm strong  
Hardly ever wrong i said man you mean  

You had plans for both of us  
That involved a trip out of town  
To a place i've seen in a magazine  
That you left lying around  
I don't have you with me but  
I keep a good attitude  
Do you miss me, miss misery  
Like you say you do?  

Dm                         Bb  
I know you'd rather see me gone  
        F         G7        Bb  
Than to see me the way that i am  
                C        A7  
But i am in the life anyway  

Next door the tv's flashing  
Blue frames on the wall  
It's a comedy of errors, you see  
It's about taking a fall  
To vanish into oblivion  
Is easy to do  
And i try to be but you know me  
I come back when you want me to  
Do you miss me miss misery  
Like you say you do?  

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