Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands

Elliott Smith

Tom: Em


Em                Em6   C/E         G      D/F# 
Everybody cares, everybody understands 
       F   C    B7-B7sus4-B7 
Yes everybody cares about you 
             F         C       B7-B7sus4-B7 
Yeah, and whether or not you want them to 
       Em          Em6         C/E            G         D/F# 
It's a chemical embrace that kicks you in the head 
        F         C       B7-B7sus4-B7 
To a pure synthetic sympathy 
         F      C         B7-B7sus4-B7 
 that infuriates you totally 
          F    C     B7           B7/A       B7/G     B7/F# 
And a quiet lie that makes you want to scream and shout 

G F C Em Riff A So here I lay dreaming, looking at the brilliant sun G F C Em Riff B Raining its guiding light upon everyone Em Em6 C/E G D/F# For a moment's rest you can lean against the banister F C B7-B7sus4-B7 After running upstairs again and again F C B7-B7sus4-B7 From wherever they came to fix you in, but
Riff A: 


Riff B: 


VERSE: Em Em6 C/E G D/F# Always fair city's finest follow right behind F C B7-B7sus4-B7 You've got a pretty vision in your head F C B7-B7sus4-B7 A pencil full of poison lead F C B7 B7/A B7/G B7/F# And a sickened smile illegal in every town
G F C Em Riff A So here I lay dreaming, looking at the brilliant sun G F C Em Riff B Raining its guiding light upon everyone G F C Em Riff A Here I lay dreaming, looking at the brilliant sun G F C Em Riff B Raining its guiding light upon everyone
BRIDGE: C G You say you mean well, you don't know what you mean Cm D7 Em Fucking oughta stay the hell away from things you know nothing about CODA: My favorite part of the song. I'll tab out the main guitar part but there's a few layers of guitar/keyboard so just jam out and mess around with a wah pedal or whatever if you can First chords are the same as verse: Em Em6 C/E G D/F# sweet guitar part at ~2:43 e|-------------------|-------------------------| B|-------------------|------------4------------| G|-----0h2-0---------|------4-----------4------| D|--3----------------|----4----4-----4-----4---| A|--3------------3---|-2-----------------------| E|--1----------------|-------------------------| (2x) Then 3:08: e|-------------------|---------------------------| B|-------------------|---------------------------| G|-----0h2-0---------|------4---------4----------| D|--3----------------|----4--------4-------------| A|--3------------3---|-2--------0----------------| E|--1----------------|---------------------------| e|-------------------------| B|-------------------------| G|---------4-----------4---| D|------4----------4-------| A|-------------------------| E|--3----------2-----------| |------------------------|------------------2--------------| |---------------------3--|------------------0--------------| |------------------2-----|------------------2--------------| |--------2------0--------|---2--------------1---2---4---5--| |-----2------------------|---3---0---1---2-----------------| |--0---------------------|---------------------------------| Then the rhythm guitar goes a little something like this (3:17): B7 G Em D C B7 e|---2-------------------|---0---0-0------------------------------| B|---0-------------------|---0---0-0-----3-3-3--------------------| G|---2-------------------|---0---0-0-----2-2-2--------------2-----| D|---1----2--4------5----|---2---2-2-----0-0-0-----2--------1-----| A|---2-------------------|---2---2-2---------------3--0--1--2-----| E|-----------------------|---0------------------------------------| And the last chord progression (3:40) is: B7 B7/A B7/G B7/F# Em D C B7

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