Doobie Brothers

Tom: A
Intro riff
Pat Simmons A Come on over baby got nothin' to lose D Well you never get enough o' those Highway blues A D Just another road to freedom and you know that It ain't no crime A Can't you hear it baby Like thunder I know D Like the magic and the passion Of rock and roll A D It's like a Harley motorcycle baby raging out of control E A Danger up ahead of you E A Comin' up behind you too E Turn it to the left E Turn it to the right E Now you twist the throttle up E With all your might A D Dangerous, that's why you love it A Well you like to drive fast baby and so do I D Slide up right beside me watch the Broken lines fly A D 'Cause there's no one who can catch us Just let anybody give it a try A Can't you hear it baby like thunder I know D Like the magic and the passion of rock 'n' roll A D You're a rebel and youknow it And you're not afraid to throw it away

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