Take It To The Limit

Del Paxton

Tom: D
Intro: Drumbeats 

D Bm C A Bm G 

verse 1: 
D                 Bm 
  Deeper into the forest 
back behind our house 
  Wanted to keep going 
Bm            G 
further never turning 
around. Had to put 
ourselves in a place 
it could come to us 
    A             Bm 
to abandon that belief 
and get unstuck 

A D A D Turned up and disrupted A D A a vision on the winder D A D of ninety nine Turned A D out that it rendered A D A an image on the floor D A/C# Bm G (hold) of the kitchen
verse 2: D Kind of like walking Bm C backwards from a time A and place trying to Bm limit the headaches G will you be okay and D to find it you must Bm lose it you were G saying something so profound. But A I wouldn't listen Bm for a minute is G it different now?
A D A D Whatever informs A D your decision A I hope it's the D A D right one It A D occurs in the scope A D of an instant so A get brought to D A/C# Bm G (hold) to the limit
Interlude: C G x4 A D A D x8 Outro: A D A D A D A D on time A D A D on hold A D A D air tight A/C# Bm G(hold) unsold

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