So in love

Cole Porter

Tom: Cm
Cm                           G7 
Strange dear     but true dear, 
          Cm                   Fm7 
when I?m close      to you dear, 
     Bb        Bb7/9-        Eb    Eb7 
the stars       fill      the sky, 
         Ab               D7/9-          G    G7/9- 
so in love with      you       am I. 
Cm                  G7 
Even         without you 
       Cm            Fm  
my arms fold   about you, 
         Bb        Ab       Abm 
you know    darling  why 
         Eb    Bb7                  Eb 
so in love      with you am I 
     Ab                 Bb7         Ab 
In love with the night mysterious 
        Ab                    Bb7           Eb 
the night when you first where there. 
     Ab                Bb7              Eb      Ebmaj7   Eb6 
In love with the joy          de------lir-----i-ous 
G7       Cm      Cm7             Cm6   D7                G 
when I knew              that   you            could    care. 
G7/9-    Cm                    G7 
So          taunt me     and hurt me, 
Cm                   Fm 
deceive me,  desert me. 
       Bb      Bb7      Bbm6  C7 
I?m yours  ?til you die, 
        Fm   Fdim            Eb 
so in love,           so in love 
Ebm      Ebº/Bb                            Fm7/Bb    Bb7 
so in      love            with you  my love 
     Eb    Eb6    Eb 
am I. 

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