Tom: A
Capotraste na 1ª casa

A (bass: F# E) (x2) 

verse 1 
A/F#                               A 
 Moon light    ov- er the   water, it's just you and me 
A/F#                       A 
Midnight, floating together like a melody 

D/F#                 A 
There's a fire in my head 
D/F#                 A/F# 
Illuminate the words you said 
Can't believe it, am I dreaming 
       E         E7         E6       
I just feel like,  this ain't real life 

A    D/F#     E 
                      We're alone and we're alive 
A    D/F#     E 
                      So take my hand, let's take a 

A A/F# E Dive Don't hold your breath We're jumping in, dipping in the pool of A A/F# E Life The water's right It's sinking in Baby this is paradise

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