Ford Econoline

Chuck Prophet

Tom: A
A                                      A 
She pulled over said 'climb on in'... I did what she said 
A                                     A  
She turned the music up real loud... it was the Talking Heads 
D                                                                      A 
Didn’t matter where we was going... made no difference to me at the time 
E                                       D 
Takes me back when I hear that song... makes me feel warm inside,  
NC             A 
Ford Econoline! 

A Ever since the beginning of the world... the beginning of time A Somebody said that the road was his... somebody said “No, it’s mine” D Some folks are born ‘neath the sign of the road... A Close enough to turn and leave it all behind E D Fall together like the rock of Gibraltar... guitars and drums inside NC A Ford Econoline! (Ford Econoline!), (Ford Econoline!) D C F C A D C F C A A A Criss-crossed the country in two-tone job... it was 1985 A Mile after mile we was burning oil... we couldn’t keep it alive D A Laid out flatter than a Chinese rug... when she went her way, I went mine E D All these memories like dirty plates stacked up in the sink of time NC A Ford Econoline! Ford Econoline! Ford Econoline! Ford Econoline! E G A B D E E G A B D E E E G A B D E E G A B D E E Let’s go

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