I've make it for you

Checovzki Gonçalves

Tom: Am
i will gonna  speak  
about my freak 
now i apologise 
i've make  a sacrifice 
i wanna know  
what i've done to you 
to make the things  crawling 
like  we play bowling 
F G but it's true Em i've make it for you (x2)
i know it's not the same you can forget my name i know i´ve make some shit and now i quit i write with inspiration like a new generation with determination and some frustration
but it´s true i´ve make it for you (x2)
now i cry diserve to die i can my death and lost my breath i can understand i do what i can to make the things normal i don't see no problem
but it's true i've make it for you
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