Anybody Goin To San Antone

Charley Pride

Tom: G
I've seen this song done in the key of F, but I figure why do it the hard way.
This is my way. 
G Rain dripping off the C brim of my hat D7 sure is cold to{G}day 
Here I am walkin down C Sixty Six D7 wish she hadn't done me that G way 
Sleeping under a table in a C roadside park a D7 man could wake up G dead 
But it sure seems warmer C than it did D7 sleeping in our king size G bed 
G Is anybody goin to C San Antone or D7 Phoenix Ari{G}zona 
Any placi is all right as C long as I can for{D7}get I've ever G known her. 
(Verse 2 same chords as 1) 
Wind whippin down the neck of my shirt like I aint got nothin on 
But I'd rather fight the wind and rain than what I've been fightin at home 
Yonder comes a truck with the U.S. mail people writin letters back home 
Tommorrow she'll probably want me back but I'll still be just as gone 
(Repeat Chorus) 

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