Temptress Of Washington

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Tom: G
Intro chords 
G  C  G  C G  C  G  C 
      G                             C 
She's looking out on Broadway after working over time 
      G                                   C 
She's all dressed up and pretty and she's looking serpentine 
    G                                        C 
She says she only really wants to dance, But we all know it's not the circumstance 
      G                                 C 
Cause dancing ain't got what she really needs 
    G                                    C  
She shows her stuff in nightclubs on the south side every week 
       G                          C 
And to her it?s a religion but to me it sounds like greek 
    G                                           C 
She likes ?em pretty and she likes ?em tall and it just takes a little alcohol 
         G                                        C 
Then she chews ?em up and spits ?em out a quarter way 
Am                        C  
She's just blowing in the wind 
Am             B/C                 C            D 
She's lighting up her life and not trying to pretend 
G D But she's living wild, she's living free Em C She's too easy all the boys agree G D And there's no need to reconcile Em C It?s just some more wood to throw on the fire G D She only cares if it feels right Em C Now she's going down again on a Saturday night G D Take my advice, watch where you're going, son Em G C G Cause she's the temptress of Washington
She wakes all hungover then tries to call her friends She asks what was I doin?, darling, where the hell I been But it?s all over, what?s done is done, and I really thought I could-a been the one Now try again about a man that tried to leave Yeah guys just look her over, they?re makin? jokes about her style She wants to fall in love even if just only for a little while But cheap drinks and charm seem to win her mind and John D's invitation to do the grind Oh baby, oh baby, your world's overflowing tonight But she's gotta be running along It seems a shame that right for her just seems so wrong Chorus Bridge: D C G If we?re champions of this little universe D C G Son has sent me down, tell me just what?s worse Em C Wait around for things to change, buckle down and rearrange Am D It seems we?re pawns when we?re all kings in this here game Harmonica Her home life is just a nuisance and her nightlife is just a sin Maybe one day she'll walk the path of Mary Magdalene Oh, come on baby, there's still a chance, cause it ain't that bad to only dance Baby please stay uptown for just tonight She's just trying to stay cool I guess it feels good to be bad when you're breaking all the rules Chorus

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