Kamikaze Man

Cast Iron Filter

Tom: A
Capotraste na 2ª casa
G  Cadd9  G  Cadd9  Am  Em  F  C  twice 
G                    Cadd9 
Three o'clock in the morning 
        G                     Cadd9 
And I'm driving drunk through town 
Am         Em               F              C   
Part of me really wants the law to bring me down 
I got your picture on my rearview mirror  
I ain't lookin' at the road 
I got a half a tank of gasoline that's ready to explode 
I saw blue lights flashin' behind me  
So I pulled off to the side 
The woman walked up to my door, she said, 'Boy, you could of died.' 
I said, 'Thank ya, sir. I mean ma'am. Whatever,  
I was trying not to blink. 
But why don't we go round the corner round the corner and have a drink?' 
G D Em Last week, workin' on my carburetor C G Em C You looked so good with oil smudged on your face G D Em You and me, sittin' there with our big bones achin' C G Em C We turned the key and we're riding through the marketplace
Owned a joint in Missoula, back in 1982 We had drinks on hand and Kamikaze Man We could really move ?em through We were havin' a good 'ol time Sittin' back and livin' free Then one night some jack put a gun in my back, I said, 'Man, this ain't for me.' So I blew outta town that night With eight dollars and some change Hitch-hiked to Dallas in a pickup truck cause I couldn't pay my way The nights were cold as summer breezes And the days were hot as Hell But I found some guys who would sit and listen to the bad stories I tell Chorus Harmonica You see me I'm just a name Or a number that wants to be something that it ain't I'm just a guy That don't know where he belongs Maybe I should do something besides writin' drinkin' songs Chorus

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