Further Down The Line

Cast Iron Filter

Tom: G
D  G  D  G  Em  C  G  D D  G  D  G  Em  C  G  D 
          D              G  
I got the news just last evening 
            D              G  
Matilda was taking off her shoes 
          Em                  C 
Her mamma brought me a cup of coffee 
               G                  D 
I was getting' old but I couldn't lose 
          D                 G     
Get up at five to watch the sun rise 
          D                  G  
Matilda's wearing that funny smirk 
          Em          C   
I say goodbye for the last time 
        G             D 
Grab my gun and go to work 
C G Forty years on the machine line D G You got yours, I got what's mine C G And mister, won't you tell me why Em D you set me free C G Oh, Matilda grab the keys and wine Am C/B C And meet me further down the line G Em D In Paducah or the hills of Bowling Green
Drive to the corner of 1st and Crescent Park my car in the boss' spot Seems my cut was always less than What he done and what he got Go to his office and kick the door in Stuff like that don't matter now I say, ?Dyin' ain't much of a livin' And it don't pay much anyhow (Chorus) (Solo) Now it's RPM's and bourbon Took Charlie's car and hit the road And now I'm runnin' with the shadows And the ghost of old Tom Joad Well, they caught me five miles from Springfield The authorities, they took me down And though the DA says he's gonna kill me I think I'm quite alright for now Chorus

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