Mended Souls

Casey Hurt

Tom: Gm
   Gm                 Bb 
Oh wont you sail with me 
   Gm                Bb 
Onto that western sea 
      Gm              Eb                F 
Oh where a horizon meets a heart of stone 

  Gm                 Bb 
Unto that Kingdom come 
         Gm              Bb 
Where every song thats sung 
               Gm                Eb                F 
Will find its hope in foreign tongue and mended souls 
          Gm         F       Bb 
We will sing with mended souls 

Oh when death so cold and pale 
Removes your wedding veil 
And your feet humbled and frail find their way home 

Oh where hope and peace collide 
Like lovers in the night 
We will find it on His sight 
That were not alone 
Oh were free and not alone 

(Instrumental Section) 

So when all the pain subsides 
And every tears wiped dry 
We will cross, just you and I 
Through Jordans waves 

Oh and in that final hour 
When death has lost its power 
*That dim glass will surely cower 
When were face to face 
We will see Him face to face 

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